Marriage is a bonding which is created by two individuals by their own choice and not by birth. But things do no always go as per the plan and sometimes we have to reflect on the past decisions of our life. Mr. Deepak Kalyani, One of the best divorce lawyer in Delhi can be of great help.

What if the two people in a marital relationship decide to end the same? There has to be a legal way for this too as there is for everything as per law. Divorce is the answer to this question, the definition of divorce can be found here As a divorce lawyer in Delhi for about 24 years Adv. Kalyani has been working on exclusive cases of separation which we will discuss at a later stage. Now, Divorce can be a lengthy process a knowledgeable divorce lawyer is a key and solution to this problem.

Although the first option should be to resolve disputes outside the courthouse (if any) but if these disputes go on to further become a reason for separation then the ultimate way is to file a divorce case.

Although there are many legal complications involved a wise choice of a lawyer such as Deepak Kalyani can ease the way as he and his team take on the responsibility to represent your case in the court of law

It is important to note when a divorce proceedings start they may overlap certain other aspects such as civil and criminal laws along side. Other laws such as Laws of Dowry Prohibition, Annulment of Marriage, Annulment of Marriage also come into the picture.

A divorce lawyer in Delhi, for example, starts the process by filing a petition with the court and the second party is summoned by the court on a said date.

There are various types of cases in a situation of divorce which can be:

A divorce lawyer filing a mutual consent divorce in Delhi:

This is competitively the easiest form of divorce as the name suggests both the parties agree to file a petition and get separated by the due course of law. The divorce lawyer will file a petition called as “no-fault divorce petition. But, there is one important condition to fulfill the criteria to file such a petition, that both the parties should live separately for a tenure of at least 12 months.

Also, the decree of divorce can only be passed by the Honorable court if both the parties do not withdraw the petition within 12 months of filing the same.

the first petition which is filed is known as first motion petition and after a gap of about 6 months a second motion has to filed called as “second motion petition”

A divorce lawyer filing a Contested Divorce in Delhi

This type of divorce proceeding can be a bit challenging because of the disagreement between the two parties. This disagreement can be on various issues including but not limited to division of marital assets and child custody.

Relatively, the duration for these cases are longer due to its complicated nature so expect the greater number of hearings. Deepak Kalyani and team tries to manage this for you in as lesser number of hearings as possible.

The jurisdiction has to be checked properly by the divorce lawyer hired before he or she can proceed to file a case on your behalf.

Deepak Kalyani and team members deals with these kinds of cases in Delhi on daily basis. As per the need, we deploy experts to do the rite research so that your case can be well represented in the courts and the process can be expedited.